Is a Complete Product “Made in China” Made All in China? No, it’s not. Let’s find out why.

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How many times have you gone shopping, picked up a product, and seen the tag, “Made in China”? The chances are that it has happened more than just once or twice. This is because China is the largest supplier of imported goods and 3rd largest export goods market in 2020 for the U.S. making it the leading U.S. trade partner.

But the truth is that just because something is tagged with a “Made in China” tag, it’s not necessarily purely of Chinese origin. Each individual component or element of the final product may as well be constructed in different parts of the world and then exported to China.

It is usually the assembly of these individual components that takes place in China to form the final product, and since it is the last step in its completion, it is hence considered to be made in China. Thus, many of your favorite “Made in China” goods might as well be made with parts used from elsewhere, and considering the fact that China is the leading U.S. trade partner, there’s a good chance that these parts are from the U.S.

This goes to show that just because something is tagged with “Made in China,” it does not necessarily mean that only Chinese people will get profit from its sale. The brands retailing the products do as well and their profits are larger, no question.

Advantages of Producing Products in China

So, the question that arises now is why produce in China? Compared to all the other countries, what has made manufacturing in China a staple practice?

This is because the advantages of producing in China are way more than any other country. This is also why we, at Savvy Apparel Studio, manufacture in China to bring you the most profitable conditions for developing and producing your apparel collections.

Here are some of the benefits of sourcing in China:

1. Lower Manufacturing Costs

Managing overhead costs in a business can be a daunting task. Making the most economically feasible decisions is the key to maximizing profits and strengthening the backbone of any business.

We at Savvy Apparel Studio understand that and want to bring you the best rates for getting the work done. Compared to domestic production costs, manufacturing in China can be considerably cheaper and more profitable for the brand. The affordable rates in China make it the ideal overseas manufacturing partner.

In addition to that, when you work with us, you can easily avoid having to deal with the headache of all types of costs because when you manufacture the products yourself, you’ve to bear administrative costs, hiring in house costs and all other operational costs. Also, managing China productions requires certain expertise and proper management, which would again increase your costs or increase probability of huge losses. This could be easily handled by our experts who will take great care in ensuring that the execution of the production is done with proficiency.

2.  Better Quality Production

No retailer wants to compromise on quality when it comes to their goods. After all, the quality of your goods can be a defining factor in your business reputation. This is one of the many reasons to go with the time-tested factories in China that are trustworthy and dependable. We have already produced and outsourced goods for brands globally and established our manufacturing capabilities well.

3. More Efficient Production

When producing locally, especially in the U.S., you may be competing against numerous market leaders that are usually the best in their offerings.

In conditions like that, new businesses are not able to put up much of a fight and may suffer as a result of that. However, in China, you need not worry about any such competition. Your production can go smoothly, the operation failure rate is significantly decreased, and defects are almost never an issue.

Furthermore, many products often have complex designs that cannot be produced in the U.S. and thus end up being outsourced to overseas factories either way. So, it’s better to instead have the entire production process take place in a more economical location in the first place.

Why Work with Us?

Now that you are aware of the major benefits of producing in China, there’s a good chance you may be considering manufacturing in China as well. But the big question that arises is, why should you work with Savvy Apparel Studio? What are we bringing to the table that would otherwise be difficult to achieve alone? Well, to put it simply,

●     Get All Your Needs At One Stop

We don’t just take care of product manufacturing; from product design to product management, production, and all the steps in between, we offer services every step of the way so you can easily monitor the development of your apparel in one go without needing to enter multiple different contracts with different companies for each step.

Our services range from product development, including design, making patterns, grading, markers, tech packs to product production, which involves prototypes, final samples, sourcing, and then finally the management, which includes audits, inspections, and quality measures of the final product.

With the expertise of our professionals and our partners in China, you can expect quality that is on par with big brands around the world.

●     Scam Prevention

When manufacturing in China, a significant barrier that many business companies may face is the threat of being scammed due to their lack of knowledge around the area.

Not understanding the language of the area, the valid concern of whether the work is being done right or not is sure to surface sooner or later.

Furthermore, you cannot even visit the factory and monitor the labor yourself all the time since it is being done overseas. These few disadvantages can make anyone reconsider the whole operation.

However, what if we told you that there’s a way around it all, and you can safely manufacture overseas and save money without any lingering concerns of being scammed?

You can do this by working with trusted companies like ours that will securely outsource to China and ensure quality work is being done, and thus you can immediately eliminate any chance of being scammed.


Thus, working with Savvy Apparel Studio and manufacturing in China is not only a favorable decision for your business financially, but it will also ensure better quality, higher efficiency, and be the boost your business needs to be put on the map.

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